Energy Healing

Energy healing or Energy Medicine is an ancient holistic practice using the body’s innate ability to heal itself. The practitioner is the person doing the healing and the healer is actually the person being healed. The practitioner raises their vibration through meditation and breathing techniques to a very high frequency. The healer’s vibration is in turn raised due to the proximity of the practitioner’s hands.

Love is the most powerful force in nature and holds the highest vibration. Science has proved that a vibration causes resonance in one body which can be transferred to another body if the two bodies are resonating at different frequencies. This is called entrainment. It can be demonstrated when two pendulum clocks with their pendulums swinging at different phases to each other are placed next to each other. The phenomenon of entrainment allows the two pendulums to align their movement and energy to match each other and move in phase. The energy of vibrating bodies align to the highest frequency of the two.

So the practitioner needs to hold a high frequency through moving life-force energy through their body to their hands to be passed on to the healer. All living things have life-force energy within them. However, blockages to the natural flow of this energy, also known as Prana, Chi and Ki, can present itself as ill health. Blockages will affect the individual overall health whether it is on a mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and physiological level. Blocks can form through past and current life traumas, inner child wounding, taking energies from negative people and emotions, poor life choices and cultural imprints and generational patterns. The chakras can also become blocked and meditation and raising one’s vibration can release this blocked energy.

So who can become an energy healer? Every person is born with the ability to heal. We just need to believe that healing is real and allow ourselves to trust the Universal life-force to go where it is needed. We also need to have the desire to learn and practice and want to heal ourselves and others. Healing ourselves is not as powerful as healing others as the practitioner uses their own vibration to move the energy. The practitioner needs to hold the intention to be a conduit for the healing energy to assist a healer who is experiencing pain to release it. The practitioner must hold universal unconditional love within them. Healing works through the high frequency of love.

Breathing amplifies the life-force energy. The practitioner pushes the energy through them using breathing techniques. In Qigong, the centre of the human body is called the Dan Tian located in the lower abdomen between the navel and the pubic bone. Deep abdominal breathing called Dan Tian breathing connects the energy reserves in the Dan Tian to the individual to allow them to be balanced energetically and emotionally making them more stable and centred. The practitioner breathes in through their nose into the abdomen until it expands and the shoulders lift. On full inhalation, they then breathe out through their mouth to exhale. It is good practice to visualise a golden ball in the Dan Tian which glows brighter with each breath.

Other breathing techniques are the 4-4 breath, 1-4 breath, fire breathing followed by 2-6 or 1-4 breaths and the 2-6 breath. The 4-4 breath is an inhalation for 4 seconds and exhalation of 4 seconds pushing the energy through their hands. The 1-4 breath is more tricky with 1 full breath for 1 second and a slow powerful exhalation for 4 seconds. Likewise the 2-6 breath is inhalation for 2 seconds and exhalation for 6 seconds. The most powerful breath is fire breathing which requires large rapid intakes of breath, about 5 to 7, and then followed by another breathing technique.

Energy healing can do what is regarded as the impossible. Despite years of evidence of positive feedback from clients that it works, allopathic medical practitioners and the pharmaceutical industry disregard holistic healing methods. Energy healing can realign the physical structure of the body, such as the spine and hips non-invasively. Many suffer from pain caused by mal-alignment. Energy can be run into the endocrine system, organs, immune system, lymphatic system, to heal sporting and repetitive strain injuries and heal past traumas. Like Reiki, energy healing can be run where there is a physical distance between the practitioner and the healer, though the energy healing practitioner does not require attunements that a Reiki practitioner needs. Energy healing can also be done on animals and inanimate objects like charging a glass of water to purify it before drinking.

The practitioner receives a healing too when they are doing the healing session on a client. As the energy practitioner needs to hold a higher vibration it is good practice to go to someone with positive values and strong commitment to being an effective practitioner. They should be communicating with their client regarding their experiences or any changes in the location or intensity of the pain so they can adjust their technique to cater to the healer so that it is an effective session.

Energy healing was practiced by ancient civilisations and there are different methods and techniques used in different parts of the world today. The life-force energy however is the same unchanging energy existent throughout the life of the universe and we all have access to its infinite wisdom.

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