Who is God?

God is life force energy that flows through us. He is the brightest light and the deepest darkness. He is duality and Oneness. He is the Creator of all that exists.

There are so many religions and belief systems out there that it is easy to get lost with what you believe. Each religion of the light carries great messages for all humanity, yet are so exclusive to anyone who opposes their views. In doing so, they spread both darkness and light. Right throughout history, these belief systems have shed blood and caused suffering, torture, abuse, chaos and misunderstanding. The greatest question of all time (who is God?) is answered differently by each religion and belief system. So who is right? The answer as always lies within you. When we lack clarity over an issue, we can simply ask God himself. By this I mean God the Creator, not the one that calls himself god – Satan. Since I came to this realisation, I began to refer to God as the Divine or the Creator to avoid confusion. I asked for God once and Satan came to me. I was warned to be more specific. This also happened when I called on the angels and demons presented themselves to me. Always ask for the Light. Because only the Divine is the Light and His angels, guardian angels and Archangels are beings of the Light.

All my life I have been at odds with who the Creator is and which path to follow. I was born into a strict Catholic faith and my world excluded knowledge of all other faiths. My only interaction with people of other faiths in my youth were other children from the neighbourhood. I encountered Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Buddhists and even a family that practiced the Occult but we never discussed our faiths. I knew I was different and never quite fitted in. Strange events and spiritual encounters always happened to me which I could never talk about, so I learnt to outwardly become one of the flock of sheep that simply followed society without question. Yet internally, I always sought the truth.

As Above So Below

I studied Divinity but only more questions emerged. How could Catholism be the only religion that is right, I thought? Not everyone had access to it, it hadn’t been in existence for early man so were we saying that all others are doomed? Why would the Divine create people with different backgrounds? Why did other faith systems have spiritual guidance that inspired religious texts, such as the Torah, Qu’ran etc? Over the years, I left the Catholic faith and followed Islam. I loved the unity and collective prayer. But yet this still did not fulfill me. Why did women have to cover up their beauty and where was all the animosity towards other faiths by extremists coming from? I decided this was not the truth. I tried other christian faiths and Buddhism and got nowhere. At a Buddhist ceremony when everyone was praying for money, I knew this was not for me.

I remembered then that the only time I had felt close to the Divine was when I shed all religious practices and spoke to Him directly. After my spiritual awakening on 13 April 2018, I began to receive messages from the angelic realm of the Light. I knew then that I had found the One True God. My journey had led me home. I began to gain esoteric knowledge and unlocked my spiritual gifts. I know intuitively that these gifts and knowledge must only be used for good, for leading people back to the Divine, for reminding people of all backgrounds, faiths, races, nations that love is the most powerful force. The Divine is Love, unconditional love. When Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice it was also for the perpetrators. When people have seen Mother Mary, they feel pure joy, pure happiness and deep love. I have seen glimpses and visions of her and felt her presence and she eminates Divine love.

Kashmir, that separates India, Pakistan and China is one of the most beautiful regions of the world, yet is a site of contention and division. It is no coincidence that Jerusalem is a holy site for the 3 Abrahamic religions:- Judaism, Islam and Christianity, so people can live in peace despite their differences. Let the Divine lead us to unity and peace.

None of us are ever alone even in our darkest moments as He surrounds us with thousands of angels to guide and support us. Our lives have been filled with religious texts, ancient inscriptions, artistic meaningful imagery, carvings and sculptures from the ancient world, messages in crop circles, extraterrestrial intelligence for us to seek knowledge, to seek the truth.

I am now a spiritual being on a life path, my soul mission.

My intuitive belief is that these are breadcrumbs that lead all paths to the Divine.

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