The emergence of the female

Women have always been regarded as being in the shadow of men. Often seen as the tail, not so often the head. The winds of change are about and the female sex is now seen in a different light. From the very early historical records, Stone Age females did not hunt with the men as seen in cave paintings. They gathered food and nurtured their children. It seems that was seen as their role.

Eve was created from Adam’s rib according to the christian church’s interpretations of Genesis. The purpose for her existence is to be a companion to Adam. By her showing her weakness and giving into temptation by the devil, she was the catalyst for humans being removed from Heaven. Or is this an interpretation by early christian men? The church is heavily male-dominated with females only recently being allowed to become priests, deacons, bishops and pastors.

Hence women have been associated with lower frequency energies and this has given men the rational and justification to keep females in a subservient repressed state throughout the ages. This may seem exaggerated until we look at the world around us and any historical or religious record. Woman standing their ground and respecting themselves are labelled as gender-discriminate, radical feminists and man-haters. This is contrary to what the movement towards empowering women actually is and is counter-productive. By raising the energetic vibration of females, this creates an equal balance between men and women. She can lead not by dominating men but by coming into her own energy and empowering her daughters to value their femininity.

So how does humanity move away from the traditional established view of women? What is her true purpose and essence? The answer lies within. The true nature of a person rests with their soul or higher self. We all have divine masculine and divine feminine energies but this is different to the male/female sex. We can alter our sex according to our sexual preferences but the masculine/feminine energies are dependent on the stage in your soul mission and current energies that you project out to the Universe.

We need to remove the tools used to inhibit the transformation of the female sex. Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) has no benefit and is a method of torture. The saddest part of FGM is that it is the people that should love and protect the victim that provide the means to the abuse and disfigurement. This heinous crime against humanity is controlled by females. How can the next generation of females be empowered when their early lesson in life is that they cannot trust women, that women hurt each other in the worst possible way. For some victims this is a death sentence. This is murder.

Rape has been used as a war crime to disintegrate and destroy a community or group of people, disrespect them and break down the bonds that hold that group together by attacking from the very heart of them. Is the mother in the home not the glue that binds? It creates intense karmic trauma which takes generations to transmute. So do the rapists get away with it? Karma works to teach people lessons as well as heal traumas. Perpetrators of harm and hate create bad karma that lasts through their generations.

In much of the third world, the decision-making power in the ancestrally-patriarchal structures of families lies with men. A woman cannot go against her husband’s decisions or obstruct his obligations to his parents and brothers. They come first, even before his own wife and children. The mother-in-law is often the one who enforces this. In poverty-stricken communities, these women are usually older, uneducated women. Educating women is the key to empowering them to be self-sufficient and independent so they are in control of their own lives and decision-making. Instead of simply following traditional ways, they can pave the way to a forward-thinking society that seeks to benefit all.

Good role models in society are so important to inspire women when there is resistance to change. In England the Queen has held a leadership role for 67 years making her the longest-reigning female monarch in world history. Michelle Obama used her power and status to encourage and empower females around the world.

“The difference between a broken community and a thriving one is the presence of women who are valued.”

Michelle Obama – State Department Women of Courage Awards 2009

Mother Mary is the ultimate female, a powerful force of all that is good and pure. Her virtue and gentleness is mistaken by critics as portraying an unrealistic model of women, yet this is the very essence of what makes her so powerful. To be a powerful female, a warrior woman is not required. She conquers the most powerful forces of darkness through her subtlety. I remember calling on her when my father’s life was in danger and I saw blue cloth move before me. The danger passed and the demonic ran away. She is the one being the devil fears the most.

The month of March 2019 is Women’s History Month. We honour the females in history who have made personal sacrifices and faced criticism, torture, death, pain, suffering and challenges to pave the way for the betterment of all humanity. We honour our pioneers in changing viewpoints on racism, discrimination, civil rights and social injustice. We thank you and honour your contributions.

Rosa Parkes with Martin Luther King Jr.

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