Alchemy and the Philosopher’s Stone

Alchemy is the ancient philosophy of changing basic metals into other substances. It is also the search for immortality. It is the use of early knowledge of chemistry and physics with a metaphysical viewpoint. Alchemy is thought to have originated in ancient Egypt birthed out of the mummification procedures. It then spread to ancient Greece, China, India and then to Europe. Later scientists discovered the atomic theory that all matter is made up of atoms which contradicted the alchemical theory that all matter is made up from the 4 elements of fire, air, water and earth. Experiments were performed in attempts to transmute metals and elements into gold, the highly-valued, purest metal using the mythical Philosopher’s Stone. The Philosopher’s Stone is an alchemical substance that can in theory turn base metals into prized gold or silver. Alchemists of all the ages sought to discover this elixir of life but there is as yet no scientific method to confer immortality.

Alchemy is still important today despite its failures. The Large Hadron Collider at CERN can create gold from lead but the amounts are subatomical, the process is very expensive and it is estimated that it would take about 3 million years to make a gram of gold! Lead has an atomic number of 82 and knocking out 3 protons results in gold, atomic number of 79. This is not gold as we know it though, with all its normal properties. The gold produced is likely radioactive and unstable. However, the theory has been proved.

Alchemy is about transmutation for the greater good. Its goal is the Magnum Opus, the great work of spiritual transformation. To express these beliefs, allegory is used. Plato, the Greek philosopher, a follower of Socrates, explained two types of love in The Symposium:-earthly or 3rd dimensional (3D) love and divine love from Source. What is described can be interpreted as divine masculine and divine feminine energies within all living things. Twin flames are people created with whole souls but have had their essence split into two so their souls are twin souls that are bonded eternally by Divine order and unconditional love. I am a twin flame with some contact with my twin counterpart. Each twin counterpart has their own individual soul mission but they are also complementary and entwined with each others. They spend their incarnations yearning for the other.

Plato describes how people’s reality is actually the illusion, simply shadows on a cave wall, and the reality of life and the universe is Divine truth.

Transformation is described in alchemy as three main stages:

  • Nigredo or blackening – breaking complex substances or self to its basic components
  • Albedo or whitening – purification of the soul and body
  • Rubedo or reddening – transformation to Divine union and Truth; the balanced spiritual self. The allegory used is the union of the Red King and White Queen.

The Red King is personified as the divine masculine with elements of fire and air and the White Queen is the divine feminine with elements of earth and water. The divine masculine is depicted as the Sun and the feminine as the Moon. This is applied in astrology and tarot reading. Lewis Carroll wrote Through the Looking Glass and had two characters, The Red King and White Queen or Queen of Hearts. Twin flames are referred to as being mirror images of each other. Much like the masculine energies, the Red King, is alseep (or unawakened) for most of the story and is susceptible to vices. He is awakened by the chess game or twin flame runner/chaser journey of purging and healing (Nigredo and Albedo). The Divine feminine must transform from the Red Queen displaying lower frequency emotions of anger and jealousy to the White Queen or Queen of Hearts/Cups. Once both divine counterparts have reached Rubedo and are balanced, union, the merging of souls, happens. And so lead transforms to gold. Source’s light is either visualised as white light or gold light.

Ancient Daoists (Chinese philosophers) teach that spiritual transformation takes place through the alchemical process of merging the higher spiritual self, physical body and mind (thoughts). Negative thought processes create toxic patterns that block the flow of chi or life force through the body and negative actions lead to sabotage of the true self. You lose your connection to higher consciousness and your spiritual perceptions are of the earthly third dimension. Divine energy comes from:

  • Centre channel called Taiji pole – unconditional love
  • Right channel called Right Thrusting Vessel – spiritual bliss, joy, happiness
  • Left channel called Left Thrusting Vessel – expressing your gratitude to the Divine, Gaia (Mother Earth), angelic realm, Ascended Masters, our ancestors.

“The changing of bodies into light, and light into bodies, is very comfortable to the course of Nature,which seems delighted with transmutations.”

Quote by Sir Isaac Newton

Sir Isaac Newton, world-renowned alchemist, mathematician, mystic and genius dedicated his life to learning the truth of the universe. He was fascinated by white light of the Divine intelligence and was committed to gaining knowledge of the ancients and alchemical Hermetic traditions. He wrote papers on the Emerald Tablets. He practiced alchemy at a time when alchemy was outlawed. The penalty for defiance was death by hanging. Like all true alchemists, he knew that this knowledge is powerful and can be misused and purposely misinterpreted. Even though he was President of the Royal Society, after his death his research on alchemy were deemed ‘not fit for print’ by the Royal Society. So why do people of influence want this knowledge to remain secret and hidden when it benefits individuals and mankind? The early christians burnt down the Great Library of Alexandria, one of the largest libraries of the ancient world holding books on alchemy and works from some of the greatest thinkers such as Plato and Socrates.

“Godliness consists in the knowledge love & worship of God, humanity in love, righteousness & good offices towards man”.

Quote by Sir Isaac Newton

Be a seeker of true knowledge despite the blockages set by others to prevent you from transmuting into the powerful being that you are.

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