The Archangels and the angelic realm

The reality and existence of angels

Angels are spiritual beings of light that vibrate at a high frequency. They were created by Source as messengers, warriors, protectors, guides, healers and to serve Source and to help humanity. Their service and love is unconditional and constant. They do not judge us for our actions.

There are also angels who opposed Source and were expelled from Heaven. They were granted free will. They have taken on the energy of their leader, Satan (aka Luficer, the devil). Satan was once an angel covered in gold and precious stones. His name had associations with Venus, the Morning star. He became prideful and started a war in heaven and took a third of the angels with him to hell. He seeks to destroy humanity and sever our connection to Source. These are angels of darkness and are known as fallen angels. They tempt people through your inner voice, cause confusion and incite strong negative feelings such as hate, anger, depression etc. To steer away from these energies, we need to raise our vibrations, be mindful of our thoughts and keep them positive and stay connected to vibrations of light energy – God and his holy angels.

Everyone has the ability to communicate with angels but you need to believe and ask for them to connect with you. You need to invite them in. We usually can’t see or hear them but if you raise your vibrational frequency you can communicate with them or connect with them more strongly. Communication can be through:

  • signs,
  • seeing them,
  • speaking to them, a whisper in the ear
  • seeing a white feather and being drawn to it,
  • synchronicities ie. meaningful events,
  • visions,
  • seeing number patterns known as angel numbers,
  • inspired thoughts
  • seeing flashes or a glow of light
  • a sense of their presence
  • using tarot, oracle and angel cards
  • feeling a touch
  • a smell or scent associated with an angel
  • for those that can sense electricity or energy
  • messages in dream state
  • messages through songs, music

I have a strong connection with angels and am protected by them due to my soul contract before birth and the colour of my aura, rainbow. I receive immediate protection without asking in times of trauma or abuse. Since my spiritual awakening on Friday 13th April 2018 this has amplified. However for less extreme situations I need to ask for angelic help. My twin flame came to me for assistance as he was affected by dark magic and mind control by his then girlfriend (known as a karmic in the twin flame journey). I sensed the evil and panicked a little. I inwardly called on my guardian angel and asked for the name of the most powerful archangel who could help me remove this dark energy and I heard a voice say, ‘don’t panic, take a breath, and ask for Michael or Orion’. These two are powerful archangels with the ability to remove dark or negative entities and energies. I was told to listen to my intuition. I knew what intuition was but didn’t even understand what this meant. I have had unusual experiences all my life but I would always ‘brush it under the carpet’ and pretend it never happened as I couldn’t talk about it or explain it. However, it worked. My twin felt the angelic presence. In an instant he was free.

All angels of the light can assist with healing, guiding and protection but each angel has special abilities according to their role and place in the hierarchy. To get the highest level of assistance, you can call on the angel or archangel who can best serve you. Take care to call on holy angels or angels of God’s love and light as you can unwittingly call on angels of darkness too. When I was writing about Satan I feel a definite poke in the back of my head and then a pressure on my stomach. I immediately said ‘Archangel Michael’ and it stopped. I call God Source meaning Source of all love and light or the Divine as Satan wants to be God and he will never be but he still tries. The more devoted to Source you are, the more he tries but in turn the higher the protection from Source. However, Source gave us choice so we need to call beings of pure light in for this protection.

There are three hierarchies or Choirs of angels: first tier – closest to Source/the Divine/God; second tier – manifest Source’s plan for the universe; third tier – involved in the lives of humans.

First Tier

  • Seraphim: the Throne angels – fiery six-winged angels who guard the Throne of God. They are the highest in rank.
  • Cherabim: the guardians – with four conjoined wings with eyes and four faces: a man, an ox, a lion, an eagle. They guard the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden with burning swords. They repeatedly venerate Source. They are also known to transport the Throne. Their appearance is described by Ezekiel.
  • Thrones: Angels of divine knowledge – are angels of brilliant light. They have great intellect and knowledge and meet with Source to receive the Divine plan for everyone and pass instruction down to lower ranking angels. They are also angels of justice and mercy.

Second Tier

  • Dominions: Angels of wisdom – these beautiful feather-winged angels have orbs of light at the end of their swords or sceptres. They assist leaders and bring unconditional love to humanity. They are angels of justice and protect and destroy places of sin such as Sodom and Gommorah.
  • Virtues: Angels of movement and choice – encourage people through positive thoughts and in dream state to connect with Source and have faith. They perform miracles and control seasons and celestial bodies.
  • Powers: the warrior angels – fight the angels of darkness to protect the cosmos and humanity.

Third Tier

  • Principalities: the Rulers – guide and protect nations and groups of people.
  • Archangels: the number of archangels vary between religious texts and traditions but there are 15 well-known archangels that hold powers in different roles.
  • Angels: messengers who work closely with humanity. Guardian angels are part of this group and are assigned to individual people. People can have one, two or three guardian angels.

You can strengthen your communication through prayer, meditation, quiet contemplation and using colour according to what each colour represents. We should never worship them, but we can ask for their assistance with issues we have. Lightworkers are called on to help others connect with Source, the Ascended Masters and the angelic realm. The Bible talks of the 144,000 chosen to lead.

Let us strive with all the power that God has given us to be among the hundred and forty-four thousand. And let us do all that we can to help others to gain heaven.
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