Reiki Healing

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique used to heal and align the chakras. It gives us access to pure unconditional love. Our ancestors knew how to heal but over time this omniscent knowledge that we have the ability to heal ourselves has been lost. We need to bring back this sacred knowledge to heal ourselves and the energies of this world. It originated in the East before Buddha and Jesus but was rediscovered by Dr Mikao Usui. It is suggested that Reiki may have come from the ancient civilisation of Atlantis, but there is no proof.

Universal energy or life force from Source is in all living things. This means that all things are connected to one another. Reiki channels life force through the recipient by the practitioner to remove blockages to allow the energy to flow through restoring health and vitality. Reiki is a catalyst. Reiki travels to those that needs it most and to the areas of the body that need it most even if the symptoms are elsewhere as a blockage in one area can be symptomatic in another.

Blockages can be caused by drinking excessively, taking drugs, poor diet, depression, smoking, extreme stress and lack of exercise and sleep. This results in lack of energy, emotional issues and illness.

Reiki should be performed in a peaceful relaxing environment

Reiki means God’s life force: Rei means God and the Japanese call the life force ‘ki’. Indian or Asian cultures call the life force Prana. In Western cultures this is referred to as Spirit or Holy Spirit. We have this energy from conception and it is our birthright. We all use it subconsciously. When we hurt ourselves, we instantly hold the sore area. This is applying healing energy to it.

After meditating, praying and reading the ancient texts called Sutras for 21 days on Mount Kurama in Kyoto, Dr Usui asked for a sign from the Divine and suddenly a bright light came down from the heavens and struck his 3rd eye chakra. He was knocked unconscious and saw visions of the symbols in the Sutras. These symbols Dr Usui used in healing when he returned to the village.

There are five principles of Reiki:

These five principles are based on the three Pillars of Reiki:

  • Gassho: place you hands together, focus, express gratitude to Source, balance and totality
  • Reiji-Ho: ask for Reiki to flow through you; use your intuition
  • Chiryo: use breathing and focus to imagine the energy flowing through the body to the hands directed to the recipient.

Reiki flow can open the chakras, stimulate the immune system, heal and bring the body and mind into alignment and balance. Reiki is channelled through the hands. To become a Reiki healer, one must undergo a first degree initiation ceremony consisting of four attunements performed by a Reiki Master. To prepare for the ceremony, the student healer must eat fresh plant-based foods, avoid alcohol and caffeine, use relaxation techniques and prepare themselves mentally. During the ceremony the Reiki Master uses the ancient symbols revealed to Dr Usui and mantras which are sacred words to activate and direct the energy. This ceremony is treated with care and secrecy. The chakras are opened. After the first attunement the Reiki starts to flow at the thought of healing. For 21 days following the ceremony a detoxification process occurs. Students can experience headaches, diarrhoea and cold-like symptoms. Past fears and traumas are triggered to surface and they need to heal and purge these emotions. This is similar to the symptoms experienced after a spiritual awakening.

The difference between Reiki and spiritual healing is that with spiritual healing the life force is directed to the recipient by the healer, whereas Reiki is never directed – it is channelled through the healer to the recipient. It can be used on children, pregnant women, inanimate objects, plants, animals too. It can also travel through time and space and can be channelled to a recipient in a different part of the world or to heal trauma in past lives.

In the second degree, the Reiki practitioner learns to use the ancient symbols of Reiki:

Cho Ku Rei

Cho = cut, remove illusions

Ku = penetrating

Rei = Universal, present everywhere

Sei Heiki

Sei = birth, coming into being

Heiki = balance, equilibrium

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen

Ren So Mai

Unconditional love

Dai Ko Myo

Great Bright Light


Infinity, eternal


Kundalini moves up the spine in a spiritual awakening


White light to release blockages

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