Auras and Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, Diamond and Golden Starseeds

My Twin Flame is an Indigo. I remember telling him my favourite colour was royal or dark blue and he looked incredulous. He said he liked all colours…I am a Rainbow aura twin. White light is made up of primary colours that are the base of all colours. I had no idea at the time that he is an Indigo and he was unaware that I am a Rainbow.

Indigo aura

The Spiritual Warriors

People with an Indigo aura are strong-willed, rebellious and can think outside the box.

They are Starseeds who have chosen to break down old paradigms. They naturally want to create change and challenge ideas and beliefs different to their own.

Many were born in the 1970-1990s. They are old souls and carry wisdom from past lives. They are creative, intelligent and have a sense of adventure. They are naturally gifted with strong intuition and psychic abilities. Their rebellion towards authority and non-conformist nature can be mis-diagnosed as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). If medicated for it, their intuitive abilities are dulled. Indigoes are born to broken or unstable homes. They are often misunderstood, especially if their parents are not open to understanding them or do not believe them when they confide in them. They can hear the thoughts of others and are susceptible to the energies of others. Indigoes can see dark energy which attracts dark energy to them. Some have trouble sleeping because of this. They are very sensitive and can tell when they are being lied to except when they give away their energy and allow dark energy to manipulate them. This can be confusing if they have not identified themselves as Indigoes. This could lead to depression, addictions, emotional issues and loneliness. They may also feel the need to try to conform if they feel isolated and misunderstood as themselves. They are loners but can also sometimes be highly social depending on the influence of their Zodiac sign.

Crystal aura

Bringers of awareness of our galactic connection and our birthright to receive spiritual gifts

Most Crystals have been around since the 1990s. Crystal people absorb energy from their environment and reflect it back magnified. This allows them to have energy healing abilities. Crystals may actually like using crystals for healing. They are more sensitive than Indigoes and have a loving, peaceful nature and a deep connection to Gaia. Many have food intolerances or allergies. They love animals and nature, and are likely vegetarian. Like Indigoes they are old souls but are more likely to be the children of Indigoes. They are more adventurous and fearless than Indigoes and love to explore.

They have a delay in learning to speak as children and communicate through touch, sound and motion like rocking themselves. Because of this they can be misdiagnosed as Autistic or as having Asperger’s. Crystals brought the realisation that Starseeds are incarnated on Earth and it is our right to receive Divine Love.

Crystals can connect to the spirit realm and are naturally gifted with telepathy and psychic abilities. Whilst Indigoes challenge the old paradigms of the Matrix, Crystals do so in a more peaceful heart-centred way. They are affectionate and known for their hugs. This receptive peace-loving nature attracts people to them. They have distinctive large eyes.

Rainbow aura

Teach, guide and connect to Source of Love and Light

I have a Rainbow aura and I have no recollection of any karmic past lives. I am a first-time incarnation on Gaia. It is thought Rainbows have Mayan origins. I know I have a strong connection to the angelic realm, have seen, spoken to and am protected by angels. I have had a vision of Heaven, God’s Throne surrounded by angels. I don’t talk about it and this blog is the first place I have revealed this. I have not always known about my aura. I was told as a child but through lack of self-belief and social conditioning I let go of this knowledge, which is a shame as it would have helped me understand why certain things happened in my life. I guess Indigoes and Crystals who don’t know who they are can experience this too. Rainbows choose a happy home to come into. My childhood until my soul contract was idyllic and my parents provided a stable home. Rainbows are often born to Crystal parents. Rainbows are highly energetic and I loved to run as a child. I still do!

I am nurturing and empathetic in nature and a natural healer. I healed my cat after she was tortured by a neighbour’s child. I healed my leg after it was fractured. It seemed both normal and yet strange when I thought about it and I never talked to anyone about it. Rainbows forgive easily and am very trusting. Saying that I can manifest and when I asked for justice for my cat, I got it. I remember watching the offender being carted off to a mental health institute in a straight-jacket shortly after. I was intuitively guided to go to that location at that exact moment to see it; somewhere I wouldn’t otherwise go. I could then move on and I only remembered about it very recently. I guess I am purging it and transmuting that past trauma.

Rainbows have strong telepathic skills. I can read people’s energy and although I am friendly, I am a loyal friend to only a few that I trust. My twin and I have telepathy but when in separation this seems to be harder. Rainbows are here to teach, counsel and guide the Collective to a higher vibration of love. They have a strong belief in the Creator and teach others that the path to true happiness, peace and enlightenment is through the Creator.

Diamond aura

Heal and purge victim consciousness

Diamonds are here on Earth to help the Collective purge negative energies, heal and transmute them to high vibrational energies. Incarnate into a life of tragedy and trauma to service and show the Collective how to transmute past traumas and draw strength from these experiences to grow. Because of this, they don’t have addictions like Indigoes or suffer from low emotional issues. Diamond energy is flowing so negative energies don’t linger. They have telepathic, telekinetic and manifestation abilities. They are intelligent and can win an argument even when they are wrong.

Diamonds have sensitivities to additives in food and require fresh food and water. Unlike Rainbows, Diamonds shy away from leadership and are not connected to religious beliefs and detest the idea of ‘groups’. Their belief is in Oneness and Divine Love and Light.

Golden aura

The spiritual masters and bringers of Joy

Adults with a Golden aura have achieved spiritual enlightenment through gaining wisdom and knowledge. They have worked towards higher vibrational thinking and being. Spiritual masters have this aura and it is attained with strong connections to the Ascended Masters and spiritual realm. Fear, anger, jealousy lower your vibration and dim the aura so this is a state that needs to be worked at continuously.

A Golden child or adult has a golden aura and the same characteristics of a Rainbow but are highly intelligent. They learn to read early, have a high IQ, learn quickly, can concentrate for long periods and have a thirst for knowledge.

Goldens are a later generation of starseeds to Earth. They radiate joy from their heart space which can be felt by those around them. They are also creative and use art and music to express themselves.

Colour Auras

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The auric fields around a person is dependent on their vibrational frequency. It reflects your current energy status and can change instantly according to your thoughts and emotions. The longer you stay in this energy the more intense the colour.

Red: –

  • murky red – angry and violent
  • bright – passionate
  • pink – loving


  • bright orange – good health
  • intense orange – powerful
  • light orange – orderly, intellectual


  • dark yellow – disinterest in knowledge
  • bright yellow – spiritual awakening
  • light yellow – on a spiritual journey


  • light green – love and healing
  • nature green – healing ability
  • dark green – resentful


  • Dark blue – distrust of the future; need for control
  • Royal blue – highly intuitive and psychic; generous heart – my DM
  • Light blue – truthful

Violet- visionary

Silver – Abundance

Gold- Spiritual guidance

Black – unforgiving

White – preparing to ascend

Grey – Blocked energy

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