What is a divine masculine and divine feminine?

All beings have masculine and feminine energies. These energies are not referring to male and female but the energies within. The feminine energy is nurturing and sensual. It embodies love, empathy, forgiveness, healing and leads us to our higher self. The awakening of the feminine energy within leads to the release of the ego and other 3D fear-based energies and transmutation of these lower frequency energies to higher consciousness. The divine feminine is a catalyst for change.

The divine masculine energy is logical, focused, stable, action-based and is a protector and supporter of the divine feminine aspect. The masculine archetype has dominated the feminine for centuries but as the universe ascends this will be transmuted and balanced.

The unity of the divine masculine and divine feminine energies in a balanced state leads to liberation from the 3D Matrix, traditional fear-based views and brings the Collective in line with universal law. The two energies cannot exist with each other ie. Shiva and Shakti, Yin and Yang. They are equally necessary for energy transmutation. A balance of the energies within each counterpart creates harmony and well-being, but when the divine counterparts are both balanced they can co-create and manifest. The love between them is of pure unconditional love and light from the Divine Source of all love and light. Together the united energies lead the planet and Universe into vibrating at a higher frequency.

  • Masculine – externally directed, physical, compassionate, protective, authority, manifestor, truth
  • Feminine – internally directed, emotional, nurturing, power, receptive, forgiveness

Imbalances are felt when there is a lack or dominance in one compared to the other. For example, action (masculine) without wisdom (feminine) creates negative thoughts (lack mentality) and feelings which create a negative outcome. The opposing energies should instead compliment each other and work in alignment with the higher purpose.

There are many ways to bring into or maintain balance within leading to spiritual transformation, self-actualisation to achieve enlightenment:

  • Meditation
  • Prayer to the Divine
  • Calling on our Spiritual Team (angelic realm, Ascended Masters, ancestors, Spirit, spirit guides)
  • Connect with Gaia and her energies
  • Quigong
  • Reiki and healing practices
  • Balancing and opening the chakra system
  • Tai Chi
  • Yoga
  • Tantra
  • Shamanic journeys
  • Seeking ancient knowledge and wisdom
  • Creativity and enhancing your natural skills to help yourself and others
  • Service to the Collective and others
  • Affirmations and self-love

The ultimate masculine energies – God is the Creator of all existence and Manifestor (masculine energy), Jesus, St Joseph

The ultimate feminine energies – God is the sustainer of all life (feminine energy), Mother Mary, Mary Madgdalene, Lady Gaia

“When conquest became the mode, people burnt the feminine out of the planet. We made it like this that the masculine is the only way to be successful, and we have compelled even women to be very masculine today in their attitude, approach and emotion. We have made everybody believe that conquest is the only way to success. But to conquer is not the way; to embrace is the way. Trying to conquer the planet has led to all the disasters. If the feminine was the more dominant factor, or at least if the two were evenly balanced, I don’t think you would have any ecological disasters, because the feminine and earth worship always went together. Those cultures which looked upon the earth as the mother, they never caused too much damage to the environment around them.” 
― Jaggi Vasudev, Of Mystics & Mistakes

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