Meeting my Twin Flame, the false twin flames and the need to forgive each other and ourselves

During a tarot reading on Youtube by a clearly intuitive reader, the reader expressed an irritation about false twin flames. She vehemently said that they did not exist and that we only have one twin flame. Although I agree that we only have one twin I felt inspired to disagree with her regarding the false twin. This is no theory, it’s a fact. There are false or karmic twin flames and the more intuitive you are, the more that is thrown in your path to both test and deflect you from your soul mission.

I have had false twin flames cross my path. Luckily I never let them in, as I instinctively knew something was off. However, if you are not being guided by your intuition and are not asking for protection from the light beings of the ethereal realm or Source, you are open and susceptible to dark energy. Just as there are good forces of pure light and love, there are dark and sinister forces who sense your weaknesses and hone in. False twin flames are both a universal test and a manipulation by negative energy. That’s why we need to keep working at keeping our energy protected and strengthening our connection to our Spiritual Team (angels, guides, Ascended Masters, Source).

I met my twin flame a couple of times before we had a full interaction and although I felt odd and my heart was racing I didn’t have the realisation of the connection. I now understand that for years my upper chakras were closed. I could not feel or be guided without me clearing my energy and asking for that guidance. I could not feel the connection to allow us to come together in divine timing. Twins only come together in full union when both are mature-minded and this needed to happen. There was also a lot of manipulation by dark forces doing anything to prevent union.

The third time we were brought together was when we found ourselves working together. I felt an explosion inside and saw a white flash of light as soon as I looked at him. My heart began to race. I felt like I was going to pass out. It was so intense. My eyes were drawn to him, I had to force myself to stop looking. I had had experiences before but not on this scale. I understand now that these prior experiences were to cause confusion, create an illusion that my true twin was another karmic experience..a mere trick me. He sent his friend over to ask what my name was and I heard him say ‘I was told that she was coming..’. He thought I was a karmic. I am of the full understanding now that this was manipulation by dark entities. He was under their influence. I could sense something was off straight away. I have seen and dealt with dark forces ever since my soul contract agreed as a child with Archangel Metatron and Archangel Raphael (and my twin of course).

Once you understand that this hurt and pain that you twin flame causes you is often not just their energy but negativity from around them, past life karma, having sexual intercourse with low-vibrational karmic partners, giving away their energy in times of anger, you begin to understand your counterpart. When I came to the realisation of the manipulations and the need for my TF (carrying a Divine Masculine energy at the moment) to purge, release, go through karmic clearing, undergo the dark knight of the soul, I finally got it and forgave him. I forgive him for all that he has done and the severe to-the-very-depth-of-my-heart-and-soul sheer pain and torture that he triggered in me. I went within (The Hermit) and cleared my karmic patterns, forgave myself and others, transmuted painful traumatic past and childhood wounds and healed.

I feel lighter, healthier, happier and am on my soul mission because of him. I thank him from the bottom of my heart and soul for this. I now get The Empress card and Kings in my readings for my energy. My DM is still releasing himself from a karmic situation, transmuting addictions and negative behaviour patterns, recovering from financial and emotional loss, feeling embarrassed and not sure how to come towards me to apologise and come into union. Will I forgive him and take him back? Only if it’s divine timing, he approaches with maturity and sincerity and he has done the work!! I believe he will. He has a beautiful, open, loving heart that he covers up well. But I saw it from day one.

Sending you love, light, forgiveness and healing, my darling DM!!!

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