Shamanic journey and Ayahuasca

I am not chosen this path to enlightenment and spiritual connectivity. I prefer to use meditative practices. However, we each have our own journey and what works for one might not work for another. Notwithstanding, I find this path fascinating.

So what is shamanism? This is an ancient healing tradition practiced by spiritual and ceremonial leaders from indigenous tribes thought to have originated in Siberia and adopted by Russia. Today it is widely practiced by Amazonian tribes. This may be the oldest spiritual practice. It is a spiritual practice rather than religious as there is no worship of a deity. Rather there is a belief that all things are living and have a spirit. This belief system is known as animism. These people have a cultural deep-rooted knowledge of their environment and more poignantly, the plants and their properties. They have a strong connection to the spirit world and call on spirits to guide and cleanse the energies so that they can use their plant medicine to heal.

Ayahuasca means ‘Vine of the Soul’ and is a brew of two plants which when drunk induces a prolonged psychedelic experience. It is used by those searching for enlightenment and on a spiritual journey, but it can also be used to treat severe depression, drug and alcohol addictions, anxiety and stress and social phobia. It does this by dulling the areas of the brain responsible for emotions, places the person in a meditative trance during which they have out-of-body experiences. It can lift their depressive mood. The brew also induces vomiting which can expel abdominal parasites which are first killed by the toxicity of the concoction. So the healing is physical, emotional and psychological.

The pyschoactive component of the brew is the DMT or dimethyltryptamine molecule in Psychotria Viridis. The acidity of the stomach stops the effects of DMT so Banisteriopsis Caapi or B.Caapi vine is added to the brew. It is the monoamine oxidase inhibitors or MAOIs in B. Caapi that allow the DMT to work. The plant matter is discarded and The brewing can take days to prepare. There is an initial purging of the stomach through diet and vomiting prior to the ceremony during which the brew is drunk under the supervision of the shaman. This is to prepare the body for the spiritual experience, much like a detox, and lessens the vomiting experience after consumption. At the ceremony, the shaman calls on the spirits, administers the brew and blows smoke over the participants. The purging comes in the form of vomiting in the first hour and within the next two to ten hours the participants can experience painful memories, visions, hallucinations, out-of-body experiences, astral travel, hearing strange sounds, heightened senses and heart anomalies. Many connect to the spirit world, their higher self, higher intelligence, receive ancient knowledge and see things from a higher perspective.

Hallucinogenic drugs administered without medical supervision and being often far from medical emergency treatment makes this option a risky one an not one I would choose to take personally. Those coming from around the globe to experience this are known as Ayahuasca tourists and has commercialised what was once a free healing service to mankind by shamans in touch with their spiritual higher self. Now it has become even more dangerous as there are charlatan shamans offering a paid service and there is rivalry and disagreements over which shamans or villages will benefit financially. Choosing a shaman is by word of mouth and based on trust. These tourists are placing their lives in the hands of people they don’t know, with no medical training, can’t speak their language, far from medical help and in remote locations in a foreign country which operates very differently to their own. Some have met their death after consuming ayahuasca. There is little responsibility for these deaths. Healing should be free or affordable and easily available. The world is transforming to a higher conscious thinking of self-healing without medications and self-love to transmute negative energies. Ayahuasca should be treated with care and respect and not home-brewed without a respected and experienced shaman. It is also illegal and treated as a drug in many countries.

The Twin Flame process is much like this only the purging and healing is done over a long period of time and the body is allowed time to transition. The shamanic journey is intense and can cause mental imbalance by opening up painful emotional wounds and past memories. Meditation is a gentle alternative. It is free, can be practiced in any location at a suitable time when we can sit still and quiet our minds. Anyone can meditate. It only requires determination and practice.

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