When I think of reading palms I think of mysterious gypsy folk and Hinduism. Palmistry (aka Chirology or Chiromancy) is an ancient practice dating back thousands of years. It’s exact origins are disputed but is still used in numerous countries today. It is the art of deciphering a person’s love relationships, skills, talents, health, wealth and future from reading the lines on their palms.

The various lines used are:

  • Life line – relating to significant health-related illness and important life changes
  • Heart line – love, relationships and emotions
  • Head line – the way their mind works, fortitude and strength of will
  • Fate Line – learning, career, influence of your environment
  • Bracelets on wrist – indicate general health
  • Sun Line – luck, fortune and success

There are also markings on the palm that reveal their mystical abilities:

  • The Secret Cross or Mystic Cross – between the heart line and the head line
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  • Psychic Cross – intuitive and psychic abilities. If the cross is under the index finger, you are blessed by Jupiter and have esoteric knowledge. If the cross is under the middle finger, you are blessed by Saturn and can learn magic through experiences. You are an enchanter if it is under the ring finger with Sun energy and Mercury rules the little finger so a cross under this finger indicates magic and divination from a young age.
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  • Mystic Triangles – caused by the crossing of the Fate, Health and Heart lines – indicating a devout spiritual person
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  • Psychic Triangle – indicates blocked powers brought on by bad karma from using black magic.
  • Healer’s Mark or Stigmata – 4 or more parallel lines. Healers of emotions and the physical body such as healers, psychologists, doctors
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  • The letter ‘M’ can be seen – a nurturing aspect in their character, a healer, giving person, service to others
  • Travel lines – astral travel abilities or travel/living abroad
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A reader will also look at the shape, length and flexibility of the hands and fingers. They may also take use the skin colour, texture, nails, fingerprints etc to aid the reading. The non-dominant hand demonstrates inherited qualities whereas your dominant hand will show your individual traits and personality.

There are also mounds on the palm:

  • Mount of Jupiter- under the index finger – your financial status
  • Mount of Saturn-below the 3rd finger-practicality
  • Mount of the Sun-below the ring finger-manifest
  • Mount of Mercury-under the 5th finger-communication
  • Plain of Mars-central palm-motivation
  • Upper Mount of Mars-below Mount of Mercury-temperament
  • Mount of Moon-below Upper Mount of Mars-emotions
  • Mount of Neptune-above the wrist-conscious and subconscious
  • Mount of Venus-below the thumb-social status
  • Lower Mount of Mars-above the Mount of Venus-ambition

The right side of the body is the giving side and carries divine masculine energy, the energy of the Sun. It is linked to the left eye which is the human eye. The energy is of logic, action and ego. The left side of the body, is linked to the right eye, the 3rd eye and carries psychic, intuitive, emotion and nurturing divine feminine energies. This is Moon energy.

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I have a faint marriage line at 20 years of age, no marriage line at 30 and a very deep line on both hands at 40 so here’s hoping…..
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