Love in all its forms

Our Creator loves us unconditionally but loving conditionally is all too common amongst his creation. What is love? The word is used tritely and all too frequently to mean enjoying or appreciating something of material value which satisfies the ego. When we block out the emotions and place stipulations that must be adhered to, set standards that must be met in order to love, this is conditional love. Conditional love must be controlled and is fear-based. We must be right and the other party must bend to our way of thinking when we are in this energy. When our needs are not met, it creates a lack and in turn an imbalance in emotions. To purge or overcome the desire to control people and situations, we can call on our Spiritual Team (angels, guardian angels, Spirit, spirit guides, Ascended Masters, Jesus, Mother Mary and Source/Creator). This is how I overcome my lack of unconditional love for people who I would normally have felt don’t deserve it. I remember the sacrifice made by the ascended masters to love even those who acted against them. I remind myself that Jesus died on a cross for those who put him on it. To save them too. Mother Teresa cared for people the world walks past and ignores the plight of. She did the exceptional-she loved them unconditionally. Yet she felt this was not extraordinary but something we should all do.

When twin flames are resonating in balanced energies, there is pure, profound, unconditional love between them. At this frequency, a twin flame will want the best for their counterpart, even if they choose to not be with them in the physical or choose to be with a karmic instead, they want them to be happy. My twin chose a karmic relationship as it was easier to fit her into his 3D illusion. I found this a caustic pill to swallow at first, but once I accepted it and walked away, I found myself and learnt I loved him unconditionally. I am now learning to love all unconditionally, even those that trigger me and abuse me. I remember Jesus forgave so I try to and then walk away to save my sanity.

So on Valentine’s Day 2019, I write a love letter to my Divine counterpart:

To my darling xxx,
You might not be mine, but I want you to know that I love you, warts and all. You didn’t like that expression as you didn’t understand what I meant. It’s okay, even I didn’t realise that I had said that I love you as you are, unconditionally. I am still home to you and always will be as you are to me. I love you, xxx. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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