Path to Ascension

Ascension is a process of spiritual awakening which is an awareness of spiritual energy or force. Ascension leads us to a higher state of consciousness. Our galaxy has been ascending to a higher frequency within a 7 year cycle since 2012.

The frequency of the human body is moving from a 3rd dimensional frequency to a high consciousness or higher frequency. We are leaving the matrix with its 3D constructs, programming of the subconsious mind and enslavement so that we can ascend to the 4th or higher dimensions. We have high vibrational energy coming to earth from the sun as plasmic photons in waves of energy which create subatomic atoms vibrating at a higher frequency to allow us to download information to enable us to ascend. Gaia or Earth is, like us, made of carbon and is ascending with us.

Symptoms of ascension:

  • body changes eg. itchy skin, body aches
  • heightened sensitivity and awareness, energy changes
  • telepathy
  • weather changes-floods, earthquakes
  • changing the magnetic pole shifts
  • mood changes eg depression, anger, sadness
  • sleep patterns changing eg. trouble sleeping, feeling more tired

Many twin flames are activated to come into union.

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