Gobekli Tepe, it’s significance and mysteries

This discovery and similar like it raise more questions than answers but it certainly makes us question what we thought we knew about our early ancestors

In what was once part of Anatolia, now Sanliufa in Turkey near the Syrian border, a carved stones at a site called Gobekli Tepe or in Turkish ‘potbelly hill’ were discovered in 1994 by a shepherd plowing his field. These stones were significant mainly because of their age. They were found to be 6,500 years older than Stonehenge and yet are more sophisticated and 7000 years older than the Great Pyramid of Giza. It is thought to be the oldest temple in the world as some T-shaped stones have headless beings carved into them thought to depict deities. It is also suggested that the top of these T-shape monoliths, which rose 5.5 metres above solid ground, represented man. There are also many animal carvings on the walls of the monoliths which may be spirit animals or could represent that beast is inferior to man. There are many vulture and snake carvings. Vultures represent death and rebirth, whereas snakes usually symbolise transformation and divine knowledge. There is a stone basin that may have been a portal to the spirit world. It is thought that they worshippers may have had a cultural practice of retrieving the head of their buried relatives with the idea of resurrecting their ancestors to be with them in their homes.

What puzzles archeologists and historians is that the timeline is set at the Stone Age and early man was discovering fire at the time that these structures would likely have been dug from a quarry, moved distances to be placed in a particular array and carved by stone masons.
It is thought the animal bones found at the site could mean that people gathered together to feast and that they were hunter-gatherers. Plant and animal farming may have been inspired at this spiritual place. It was traditionally thought of that farming and creating settlements drew people to religion but this contradicts this idea.

Strangely enough, the stones were covered by with soil from the surrounding hills and a smaller stone arrangement constructed on top of the mound. This downsizing continues to happen until there is only a small structure surrounded by stones. The area of Gobekli Tepe covers about 30 acres and the site is still being excavated.

What if the builders of Gobekli Tepe were not of this world? What if they were extraterrestrial or time travellers as suggested by Zeg TV Hidden from the public in the Youtube video ‘The Ancient Gobekli Tepe Creatures That Are Beyond Anyone’s Imagination.’ The main structure has a ring of free standing pillars thought to be used for communal veneration. Could this location have been the Garden of Eden? They would have needed a large organised workforce. The leader would have needed considerable influence over them to have continued construction over a period of time. The Book of Enoch describes supernatural or extraterrestrial entities called the Watchers who came to live amongst mortals to share with them esoteric knowledge such as alchemy, botanical and herbal healing and astrology. The Watchers are also referred to as birdmen. Another settlement discovered in Turkey at a site called Çatal Hüyük has stone carvings of bird-like creatures. They may have had a cultural belief in life after death or astral travel which the Watchers may have taught them about.

The birdmen are also seen on carvings at Nevali Çori near Gobekli Tepe, which is another Neolithic megalithic site. They could also mean shamans dressed as vultures or birds of prey. Could these even be angelic beings sent to guide us to civilisation and connection with higher consciousness? What if there understanding of our existence and relation to the cosmos is much more advanced than we thought? Could these sites and numerous others with their circular shapes be like crop circles, be something more to do with the extraterrestrial, celestial or astronomy? Did life on earth begin in the stars of our solar system? There are Starseeds of the Collective with memories of life outside of Earth.

During this time period, a worldwide cataclysmic event took place with evidence of intense heat, smoke that would have blocked out the sun causing a deep freeze at the end of the last Ice Age. This would have greatly impacted human and animal life, significantly reducing their numbers. Humanity underwent a rapid dramatic shift in evolution as we are undergoing now. I wonder if they too received downloads from the cosmos as we are experiencing now and underwent an ascension phase.

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