I love being a Twin Flame!!

Wow. Never thought I would say those words. Since my awakening last year, I purged and separated from my Twin Flame. During this time I triggered him to seek my unconditional love and reassess what he truly wants and he made it clear, it was me, only he hadn’t healed from his addictions and came towards me from a place of co-dependency, lack and sexual desire. I was the ‘runner’ and he became the ‘chaser’.

The divine masculine and divine feminine twin flames both come from the same 5th dimension entity that contains both a positive and negative charge. One counterpart will carry one charge while the other carries the polar opposite. Their physical bodies and souls are separate from the other counterpart and yet also connected in the 5D plane or higher self.

Twin flames crave being a state of union with one another especially in separation. During separation the twins are triggered to purge toxic behaviour patterns and heal so that they can raise their vibration and come into alignment with their higher selves. Union happens within each counterpart as well when one aligns with their own soul mission and raises their vibration. This pulls the other twin to align with their path eventually bringing the twin flames into union. Depending on their individual choices and soul missions some twin flames will come into physical union too with their bodies and souls merging on a higher dimension. My soul mission is and my choice still is for union in the physical. I think that is why my twin flame and I work together and when we are both doing the work to manifest union we see more of each other. When we pull away or go into separation it’s like an invisible force physically separates us. He calls it ‘the wall’.

Generally I think twin flames are meant to induce their higher selves to manifest in the physical. There are cosmic changes taking place that are affecting the Twin Flame Collective in the form of solar flares from the sun, energy waves from beyond the planet that are upgrading the physical structure of our 3D bodies at a molecular level to prepare us for ascension. I, like other twins, am experiencing ascension symptoms, like ringing in the ears that is not tinnitus, body pains and itchy skin that cannot be otherwise explained. Sometimes there are cold and flu-like symptoms but skeptics will attribute these to general illness and disease. You have to experience it and have the inner knowing that this is not a regular experience.

The long dark road that leads to unconditional pure love

Twin flames have a strong magnetic pull towards each other. They only come into union when they are both mature-minded and balanced. If a twin is with a soulmate, the twin flame connection can strengthen the soulmate relationship. The twin flame path is a spiritual one and only some twin flames come into union. It is not common to be a twin flame. They are different to each other, they are not soulmates. Twins are unique individually and can be polar opposites in many ways. There is usually an age gap. It is not a fairytale. It is filled with triggers, heartaches, pain, stress and suffering. It can also be all-consuming, powerful, deep, unconditional love. The path leads to the seeking of esoteric knowledge, spiritual awakening, desire to change the world, to heal each other and balance the universe.

This path is not a soulmate path. It is NOT for the faithless, faint-hearted and those only seeking love and romance. If you do the work and are up for the challenge, twin flames can be a power couple, a powerful force to heal the world, lead the Collective. Twin flames are given spiritual gifts to enable them to walk their path. The world lacks unconditional love, there is a imbalance between masculine and feminine energies in human race. Females are over-sexualised in current culture and men are pressurised to fit a 3D construct. People who are not awakened do not understand the twin flame journey and we suffer psychic attacks from negative energies and evil, negative entities. I have faced death a few times and lived because I am protected by my Spiritual Team-Ascended Masters, angels and Spirit guides. Twin flames are protected while they are on their journey. My twin flame has been under spells of karmics, possessed by dark entities and has had his energy ‘stolen’ from him. I have had to purge dark energies all my life and this is one of the ways I help my twin flame. I help him purge the dark energies. Call on Mother Mary, Jesus, Archangel Michael and Archangel Orion to clear dark entities and during psychic attacks.

The Feminine energies is healing, nurturing, the Empress energy, intuitive.
The masculine energy is protection, courageous, compassionate, leadership, provider.

Now that I am on my soul path, I am eager to learn, ready for my mission, thirsty for esoteric knowledge and grateful to Source for making me a Twin Flame and Lightworker, grateful to know my Twin Flame who has taught me how to love unconditionally and some thankful for the support of the Ascended Masters, Mother Mary, Jesus, the Archangels, angelic realm, my guardian angels and Spirit guides. I am also very grateful to the Collective for the supportive energies, guidance and readings that help me understand myself and my path.

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