Tarot cards and their meanings

Tarot cards are a system used to reveal messages from the Divine Source. It provides answers to the unknown past, present and future and has been used for centuries. Sometimes the answers are direct but mostly they provide hint to possible answers. It relies on the reader to be intuitive and Divinely guided to what is most likely meant. It draws on their skills and learning and enlightenment to ‘read’ the pictures to tell a story. There is no wrong or right way to do this so no book can tell you exactly what each spread means the story is in the energy of the cards, the reader and those watching the reading. The cards also read according to the relation to the other cards in the spread and can be linked to the other cards in the reading as well for verification. Often very little learning is required for an intuitive to read tarot..it just comes through guidance from Spirit/spirit guides/spirit animals/angelic guidance/Source/Ascended Masters. The reader chooses who they call on for guidance. An intuitive reader needs a strong connection to their source of guidance. Each deck uses different symbols so the reader should be familiar with what the symbols mean as these can be significant to interpret correctly.

The methods vary with each reader, but they mostly clear their deck of cards from negative energy, invite their guide in, shuffle the cards and either cards emerge or the reader selects cards to be read and then interpret the cards to answer the question. Many ask the question as they are shuffling.

There are 72 cards in a standard tarot deck but this can vary as there are so many different types of cards. They are usually made up of major and minor arcana. The major arcana cards are picture and symbol cards inspired by the subconscious of the card maker. The 56 minor arcana cards are made up of four suits:

  • Cups – hearts – water sign – emotional
  • Pentacles – diamonds – earth sign – physical
  • Swords – spades – air sign – reason
  • Wands – clubs – fire sign – creativity

Fresh hope, take chance, new beginnings, great potential

Focused creativity, turn visions into reality, unlimited potential

Sacred knowledge, mystery, trust your intuition

Pregnancy, nurturing, sensuality, abundance

Authority, breadwinner, stable, powerful leader

Tradition, religious beliefs, spiritual wisdom

Partnership, deep love, balance of two together

Action, control, movement, assertive

Power, determination, strong will, power

Solitary reflection, go within for clarity, quest for personal truth

Good fortune, turning point, destiny

Truth, fair, law, karma-cause and effect

Stuck, stagnant, change your energy

Major change, endings, let go and move on to make way for new energy

Balance, harmony, self-control, moderation

Addictions, greed, envy, materialism, compulsion

Unwanted change, ruin, disgrace, upheaval, crisis, renovation, Divine intervention

Renewal, hope, inner clarity, miracles, faith, peaceful phase

Uncertainty, illusion from past fears, listen to subconscious to see truth

Success, radiance, abundance, things will get better!!

Rebirth, spiritual awakening, rise to higher vibration/consciousness/self

Completion, travel, accomplishment

  • Ace of cups-marriage proposal, new relationship, baby
  • 2 of cups-partnership, romantic love
  • 3 of cups-friendship, support
  • 4 of cups-apathy, unexpected gifts
  • 5 of cups-loss, grief, abandonment
  • 6 of cups-reunion, nostalgia
  • 7 of cups-many choices
  • 8 of cups-retreat, moving on
  • 9 of cups-material abundance
  • 10 of cups-marriage, family, reunion
  • Ace of pentacles-promotion, money coming in
  • 2 of pentacles-weighing options
  • 3 of pentacles-craftsmanship
  • 4 of pentacles-desire for long-term security
  • 5 of pentacles-financial loss, ill health
  • 6 of pentacles-debt,generosity
  • 7 of pentacles-delayed success, hard work
  • 8 of pentacles-mastering, creating craft
  • 9 of pentacles-personal luxurious pleasures
  • 10 of pentacles-inheritance, legacy
  • Ace of swords-mental clarity
  • 2 of swords-compromise
  • 3 of swords-heartbreak, depression
  • 4 of swords-solitude, rest
  • 5 of swords-abuse, violence
  • 6 of swords-moving, travel
  • 7 of swords-affair, betrayal, theft
  • 8 of swords-restrictions, isolation
  • 9 of swords-nightmares, anxiety, grief
  • 10 of swords-complete a painful ending
  • Ace of wands-creative, new project
  • 2 of wands-planning
  • 3 of wands-expansion
  • 4 of wands-weddings, celebrations
  • 5 of wands-conflict, rivalry
  • 6 of wands-victory, recognition
  • 7 of wands-self defense
  • 8 of wands-quick changes
  • 9 of wands-persistance
  • 10 of wands-exhaustion, stress

For each suit, there are also a Page, Knight, Queen and King. A Page is a youthful, energetic energy. A Knight moves quickly, a Queen is independant and nurturing and a King carries the energy of leadership and focus. The Queen and King are positive and balanced energies.

What I want most of all with my Twin Flame divine counterpart

Cards can emerge or be dealt upside down and it is up to the reader as to whether the card should be read as a ‘reversal’ which generally has an opposing meaning to the upright meaning. Some readers will still read them as upright cards.

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