Karmic partners and Twin Flames


Karmic partners are brought in by your subconscious to deliver a karmic lesson. Twin Flames can choose to be with karmic partners instead of being in a tumultuous relationship of ‘running’ and ‘chasing’ with their divine counterpart. If they are high-vibrational karmics, the twin could choose the karmic over their twin counterpart. However, if a low-vibrational karmic comes in to teach a lesson to help the twin identify behaviour patterns that are toxic and low-vibrational. It triggers that awareness of the behaviours and emotions and forces them to purge it out.

Sometimes we cling to illusions of being ‘okay’ with our lives and how we are, stuck in our 3D consciousness thought patterns and belief systems. Our thoughts are sent out into the universe as thoughts are energy, we are energy and what we get back is a trigger to change ourselves to get out of this energy of being ‘stuck’ and unable to better ourselves. Unconsciously we know there are triggers that create these behaviours but often we feel unable to release ourselves from the effect of it. Identifying what these triggers are is really important. These could be traumas experienced in this life or for those with past lives these could be surfacing now. Those susceptible to the energies of others, the karmic lessons may be from their bloodlines, generational or from those around them.

Karmics are not to be despised and we can’t resent our twin counterparts for this necessary stage of purging as the transmutation of this toxic energy leads the twins closer to their soul mission. I felt anger towards my divine masculine for choosing a karmic partner when I was right there waiting for him. I cried harder and deeper than I thought possible and then when I thought it would stop I cried from the very bottom of my soul. He said he was happier in the 3D and wanted to be normal (ie. unawakened). He was pleasing his family and friends who wanted him to have a partner who was his ethnicity and had the same values as his family and friends..and some of his colleagues at that. This was hard to hear and I had wondered why we were twin flames. I am older and of a different ethnic and cultural background. Yet we call each other ‘home’. So odd and difficult to explain.

Then came the realisation and it taught me something. I hadn’t done the work I thought I was doing. I then started my blog and working on myself, on self-love. I realised that I did not hate him as I thought I might, but loved him on a higher level, at a place of unconditional love. I wanted him to be happy. I walked. I chose me and my spiritual path the night we parted. We strangely enough haven’t spoken much, we have never kissed or held each other. At the most, a kiss on my hand, a kiss on his cheek and a very brief hug and a few conversations, mostly telepathic is all we’ve had. Yet it feels like a marriage, like I have been cheated on. I can’t show my emotions or talk about it as when I do I sound like I need a straight-jacket. This twin flame journey is very tough on the emotions and brings out your weakness and greatest strengths.

I feel my divine masculine has learnt his karmic lesson (at least this one), he knows his karmic is cheating on him and using him as a credit card. He wanted marriage and stability with her to gain the approval from his social circles. He thought he was getting it and verbally rubbed this in my face. She was brought in by a manipulative, deceitful ‘friend’ of his that he works with who set them up calling herself the ‘fairy godmother’. What he didn’t know at the time was that the karmic had a boyfriend with no money so she moved in with my divine masculine so that he could pay her bills, rent, etc. She was told by the ‘friend’ that he bought a property for his previous karmic and wanted to cash in on a future property. The ‘friend’ wanted £1000 for setting this up. I know this because it was channeled to me about June 2018 by an Archangel and the higher self of the ‘friend’ told me exactly what happened. I call her ‘Judas for a thousand pounds’ to myself. It takes all my strength not to let her get to me and steal my energy. As my DM confides in her she has learnt to anger him and steal his energy. I have watched it and blocked her a few times but I am not in their company much.

The way I have learnt to deal with the karmic situations are to pray to Source, connect with the Archangels, angels and my guardian angels, ask Spirit for help, do Tarot readings to understand our energies as what we say and do is not what we really feel most of the time, right? I watch readings on Youtube and study and try to meditate. I have asked Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene to help me be more like them and become a true divine feminine as they are. I have prayed for my divine masculine counterpart and asked Jesus to go to him to heal and guide him onto his soul mission even if it is not with me. I have learnt that we have choice and mine is still to be in union with my divine masculine. I will respect his choice if it is not. The very next day after we said goodbye to one another as he headed off on his christmas break to introduce his karmic to his family and close friends, at exactly 6am I woke up from a dream crying so hard I was unable to breathe. I remember I was replaying my words at our parting in my dream state. I had wondered at the time of saying them why I was saying what I said, it the penny dropped like a rock at 6am the next morning!! Boy, did it shake my world. I had let go of my twin flame the night before for this lifetime, I was ready for a high-vib karmic. Yet the realisation of having said goodbye hit me and I cried hard. Gone was the anger, only grief and sadness as if someone close to me had died. I was mourning his loss. I asked God if there was anyway possible we could still be together, please let it happen. If not and it was not the DM’s choice then I was prepared to move on. I felt something change. I had chosen and God had heard me. So whatever comes, let it come. I have faced the worst and lived and learnt from it.


I feel my twin flame wanting to come back in and I will stand my ground as a divine feminine deserving respect and unconditional love and I will love him unconditionally and help to heal him. But regardless, I will continue on my life path and soul mission.

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