Let’s talk about Karma….

Karma is the sumation of a person’s past and present deeds which in turn determine their future defined in the spiritual principle of Cause and Effect. It is a Sanskrit word for action used mostly in Hinduism and Buddhism but the idea of it is universal. The Bible talks of reaping what you sow.

There are many different Karma symbols:

The Celtic Triskelion symbol represents the power of 3 or Trinity ie Father-Son-Holy Spirit, 3 planes of existence of Heaven-Earth-Hell, mind-body-spirit, past-present-future, life-death-rebirth and the interconnectedness of the elements (cause and effect) and continuous movement towards enlightenment.
The Endless Knot – this Tibetan Buddhist symbol represents the karmic cycle that continues endlessly
The Sanskrit symbol for karma meaning
Yin Yang symbol focuses on duality that requires balance to bring about harmony and unity. It symbolises the balance of positive and negative energies, masculine and feminine energies, light and dark, contrasting energies. One’s action (cause) should bring about a positive effect for one to be balanced.

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