Path of self discovery

I am a twin flame. I had a spiritual awakening last year on Friday the 13th!! And who said 13 was unlucky? After all Mother Mary appeared to Lucia, Jacinta and Francisco on May 13th and then on the thirteenth of every month for the following six months. The Miracle of the Sun in Fatima, Portugal in which the sun appeared to dance in the sky in front of a large crowd of people occurred on 13 October 1917.
The letter M is the 13th letter in the English alphabet. The Foundations of Judaism are based on the 13 tribes of Israel. At the Last supper, there were 13 people present and the 13th to arrive was Judas Iscariot.

I knew I had a spiritual awakening when I looked at the clock for no particular reason and the time was 11:11am. The numbers looked larger than normal and I wondered if I had altered the font size accidently. I hadn’t and I knew instantly that this was a sign from the Divine. I hadn’t been open to signs for many years and although odd things have always happened to me throughout my life I had chosen to block them. I blocked what I could not explain.

I started seeing synchronicities and my awareness and thirst for esoteric knowledge has grown since. Nine months later I am myself but have a completely different outlook and understanding of my life and the universe. Even my understanding of the Creator and the truth about religion has transformed me.

So now I am here doing something I thought I would never do, guided by angels and Spirit to learn, study, share what I have learnt from my perspective, using my intuition and spiritual gifts. I am on my Divinely guided spiritual path and soul mission and there is no going back now. Onward with my ascension and so glad to have met my Twin Flame divine counterpart.


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

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