My Divine soul mission

I am a Twin Flame with Divine Feminine energy, a healer, a tarot card reader, a lightworker, a mother and an empath on a spiritual mission to raise the vibration of the universe. I have a Rainbow aura and communicate with guardian angels, angels, archangels, spirit guides, Ascended Masters and can communicate with them. I am a Taurus with Aries in my chart. I have grounded earth energy and have a deep connection to nature. I am in contact with my Twin Flame and we have been on the emotional turbulent twin flame journey of contact/separation and runner/chaser stages whilst healing, releasing and transmuting of lower frequencies energies, past traumas, karmic situations and 3D imprints so we can ascend to higher dimensions in union. I have a career in healthcare and love helping and caring for people.

I am here to share, learn, grow and assist the Collective in line with my soul mission.

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